Prepare for Life

February 13, 2019 | 42 comments

Are you preparing for Life?

It’s an important question to have clarity on, for people often allow their thought to be formed and molded by where they expect to end up.

Like taking a road-trip, we prepare for our pre-determined destination. If we are headed to the beach, we pack to be at the beach. If we are headed to a ski-resort, we pack to ski. Likewise, if one is clear in their mind that they are “headed toward Life,” they will think, act and prepare accordingly. Every day will be a new day, and life ever fresh, inspired and progressive.

To the contrary, if one sees death as an ending point, it can have a ruinous effect on that person’s health and happiness. They may experience decline, instead of improvement. Human thought prepares for where it expects to end.

The cure for decline toward death, is to grow toward Life. We should leave this earth in good health and with a happy outlook.

The very best of Life can be discovered now. It isn’t any better after death. Life is God, and God is fully present now. As we grow in spiritual understanding of what Life is now, as God, we experience joy, freedom, health, strength, purpose and worth.

Death is not the destination of man. Life is.

Head toward Life, and prove that you have everything you need now to be healthy, happy and well.

“Time-tables of birth and death are so many conspiracies against manhood and womanhood. Except for the error of measuring and limiting all that is good and beautiful, man would enjoy more than threescore years and ten and still maintain his vigor, freshness, and promise. Man, governed by immortal Mind, is always beautiful and grand. Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness”
Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 246.

42 thoughts on “Prepare for Life”

  1. “… grow toward Life!” I looooove this!! Life IS our destination! I dearly appreciate these thoughts. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. This is the BEST Valentine I have ever teceived! ❤️ It turns my thought 180 *! Feeling very loved and packing up for a great Life! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Very good Evan , needed to hear that. All our lives we are taught that were going to die, this turns it around to give us an expected end , the joy of Life !

  4. Thanks Evan…what you say is right Life is eternal and knows no death. But since we have to leave our temporary abode on earth one day, do we not need to prepare accordingly. For example we need to keep no earthly attachments, so that we live and leave in peace when our call comes?

  5. This is wonderful. I’m in my 50s and after recently hearing of the passing of yet another person I hung out with in my younger years, I’ve been overwhelmed thinking of, and counting, the people from my youth, and from my graduating class, who have passed. I’ve been preoccupied with thinking of the past and looking at old pictures with a sense of longing and melancholy. This is a wakeup call, and one I need to take to heart. Thank you Evan for your joyful, constant expectancy and assurance of good and for sharing it with all of us.

    1. I agree. I am in my late 60’s, a widow, and recently loss 2 more friends I grew up with. Needed a reminder to think “love, life, joy” and stay uplifted; ultimately upliftyithets. Thank you Evan for beautiful encouragement daily, and to the wonderful followers who share such lovely thoughts as well

      1. I can well sympathise with you Nancy and Shirley. Always sadness when friends and colleagues move on but must not lose awareness of joy and continuity that our life should be. Thanks to Evan for his insight on that.

  6. Thank you, Evan! Such an important reminder.
    “My Soul, if you don’t Love here and now, do you think ghosts will do it for you in the hereafter?” – Rumi

  7. Great post! “The only thing that is certain is Life; get that fact today and make it real; if you don’t get anything else, GET THAT.” Bicknell Young

  8. Wow: LIFE is my destination!!! ☀️
    Live freely
    Purposefully toward Life!
    How marvelous!✨
    As always, thank you

  9. Thanks Kenny for your quote from Bicknell Young, “The only thing certain is Life” – much better than the familiar “death and taxes.” And, Jay, for your quote from Rumi – a good reminder it’s up to us to love here and now – ghosts won’t do it for us.

    I love the picture showing the freshness of Life which is continual – eternal without beginning or end. Be prepared for the endless good ahead!

  10. The daffodils in the snow made me smile from ear to ear! No matter what, Life is insistently asserting Itself. Life is not linear at all, it is infinite. Isn’t that just the coolest thing to contemplate? Thank you, Evan, I truly love this idea of leaving this earth healthy and happy. Of course we should! Onward!

  11. Thank you Evan. I think this is mt favorite post. Loving/living Life! So important to know Life is eternal, infinite, all, w/out beginning or end. Love it!

  12. Thanks, Evan. Life is constantly new and fresh, filled with promise and joy. Life is ‘God and we can never be separated from Him, nor can we be separated from our loved ones who have passed out of our sight. We are all one in God, in Life.

  13. Thanks, Evan. Life has no beginning and no ending. Life is God, and God is all. We can never be separated from Life, nor can we be separated from our loved ones who have passed from our sight. We are all one in God, right now, and can expect health, peace, joy, freshness each day. Love is All!

  14. I love the picture of the crocuses emerging through the snow. They never hold back and see the adverse conditions of cold and snow. They just burst into life happily, as we should.

    This blog reminded me of one from 11/29/18 that asked the question: What would you do differently if you understood eternal Life? That was a real thought provoker as this one is. Thank you Evan for your inspiring posts and thank you commenters for your insight as well. It is very helpful every day.

  15. “Are you preparing for Life? “ is the best question to answer all day!
    Thanks for asking it Evan, and for all the great remarks and quotes too..

  16. As a “young” teacher I told my students “Ageless” WHENEVER asked my age. It became a quest for them to find out my “real”age. Different students asked at different times. When a daughter visited my class, a student asked with anticipation, “How old is your mom.” “AGELESS!” was the reply. Imagine my delight when a student softly spoke to his mom uoon entering the classroom one evening for an open house, with the utmost sincerity,” My teacher is AGELESS, Mom!” YES, the FACT is, we are ALL SGELESS, like our Father Mother God!

  17. P.S. the wrong spelling does not alter one bit our actual AGELESSNESS! But, since I couldn’t edit the comment, let me clarify here, “age” is what I intended to type!

  18. Wonderful! This goes along so well with the lesson this week on Soul. It also blends beautifully with today’s “Daily Lift” from jsh online: “There is neither growth, maturity, nor decay in Soul. These changes are the mutations of material sense, the varying clouds of mortal belief, which hide the truth of being.”
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
    by Mary Baker Eddy
    For me I feel it’s most important to think about this in terms of other people and animals around me. I sometimes worry about loved ones and very recently have been focusing a lot on my 1 year old German Shepherd puppy. He’s at the funnest age, he’s full grown and huge, but just the sweetest, most lively, goofy and fun puppy still. Recently I’ve found myself saying “I wish he would stay at this stage forever,” a giant puppy. We’ve got to push past the limiting human views that sometimes come to us and realize that they are not our thoughts. Thank you for all the wonderful, helpful ideas to work towards the realization of Life eternal. That’s reality, and that’s where we want to stay, forever.

  19. Thank you everyone for sharing such wonderful thoughts regarding “…preparing for Life” It can be so easy to inadvertently slip into acceptance of the world belief of decline and loss.
    I was very touched by Trista’s feelings about her German Shepherd puppy. When I’ve been able, even in a tiny degree, to place my precious animals in eternal Life and divine Love, governed by the one Mind and expressing infinite spiritual qualities, their lives (and mine) are calmer, healthier and more harmonious.

  20. Thank you so very much for today`s gorgeous treatment and lesson, dear Evan – love it very very much. And it is very helpful and freeing!
    And am grateful for all the comments to this important and wonderful toppic! Love to all 🙂

  21. I did not see yesterday’s post, but have JUST NOW been reading again the article “The gift of ageless living’, Sentinel October 29, 2018, which fully agrees with everything you say, Evan. Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

  22. “Seek holy thoughts …” Mrs Eddy reminds us in her poem/hymn. I try very hard to think this way about life, myself and others if there’s discordant thoughts in my path. Thank you Evan and others for such a lovely SV. Such joy has filled this page and my heart!
    For the sweet commenters that have “lost” precious family and friends as well as myself, I think about these as just extending their life like a fun trip to Hawaii/paradise. They really didn’t go anywhere and I’m thrilled that they’re in their rightful place and very happy. I wouldn’t want to beg them come back from paradise and their new learning school of higher education.
    Have a wonderful blessed day/Life all of you! You’re the apple of God’s eye! Yippee!

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